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Welcome Group Consulting will be at YOU RUN Half-Marathon

What is YOU RUN?


YOU RUN is a charity run in Copenhagen, where you can compete as an individual or a team / company to start an online collection for one of the participating 13 charities. You may choose to walk 5km or run 10km or a half-marathon. YOU RUN has become one of Copenhagen’s largest charity events, raising over DKK 3,6 million for charities in the past 3 years in addition to the raising awareness of such important issues.

According to Kræftens Bekæmpelse (the Danish Cancer Society), one of the participating caritative organizations, every 3rd Dane is affected by cancer over their lifetime, and more than 35,000 are diagnosed every year. Only half of every diagnosed cancer patient survives the disease. Communication and awareness is a key factor in prevention, as 4 out of every 10 cancer diagnoses can be prevented by healthy living and regular exercising.

Our story


Karey-Anne, CEO of Welcome Group Consulting, a British expat, had a brush with the disease too. The 39 year old mother of two was diagnosed with early-stage cervical cancer in 2015. While she thankfully recovered, the war with cancer is far from over. Karey has decided to complete marathons in as many major cities as she can, raising awareness and money for other cancer patients, proving to herself that she can do it, and to show the world “that you do not have to settle, no matter what”. Now registered to run the same event, that started her running passion back in 2015, she is eager to raise as much as possible at this year’s YOU RUN.

How can you help?

This April, Welcome Group Consulting will be taking part in the YOU RUN half-marathon. Vowing to commit its membership fees from January 2018 until April 2018, for the cause of Kræftens Bekæmpelse, (The Danish Cancer Society), which helps people diagnosed with cancer all over Denmark.

If you want to join the team and run with us on April 29th 2018 or would like to make a donation to Kræftens Bekæmpelse, (The Danish Cancer Society), then simply click here.

Welcome Group Consulting is proud to be raising money for Kræftens Bekæmpelse, (The Danish Cancer Society) and helping to raise awareness of the disease. We advocate a healthy lifestyle and offer running, fitness, and mindfulness classes, networking opportunities, personal & career coaching and much more. To find out more, become a member or purchase any of our services, simply click here.

Together we can fight the war on Cancer!

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