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The Top 5 Ways To Get Ahead Using Linkedin

Get ahead with Linkedin; The Top 5 Ways To Get Ahead Using Linkedin


You’ve probably heard of Linkedin, but for the hundreds of people we work with each month it seems that Linkedin is underestimated as a tool for gaining employment.

That’s because Linkedin isn’t widely used in many countries, however due to the rising costs of recruitment in Denmark it is used extensively by recruiters here. As a Recruitment Professional I cannot emphasise enough the importance of having a good Linkedin profile.




When searching for employment there a number of ways that we communicate with recruiters and HR Managers. Our CV is the most obvious mode of communication, cover letter is another, but many overlook Linkedin as a mode of communication. Linkedin provides a chronological insight into what you have done previously, but it also lets us know so much more.

Did you know for example that we use Linkedin to see whether you know anyone within the company? Or that we will check to see whether any of your previous colleagues have given endorsements?


Insider Tips!

As a recruiter and Recruitment Professional, I teach people how to optimise their Linkedin presence. I do this because as a recruiter I use Linkedin to help me find the right candidate. The right candidate for me and my company or for a client may differ according to the role, but there are a few things that I always check, and these are the areas that you need to address.




Here’s my top 5 ways to get ahead using Linkedin:

  • Have the same profile picture on your CV and Linkedin profile.
  • Make sure your profile is complete.
  • Add a personality driven ‘about’ section that really explains who you are.
  • Use key words throughout your profile.

With an optimised profile you are more likely to be found and hired. Linkedin is a platform for you to communicate with future colleagues, companies and directly to decision makers – the possibilities and opportunities that await really are endless. So, what are you waiting for?


Create a strong Linkedin profile today to help lead to your future.

About Karey-Anne: “British expat, with years working in Operational Management positions in Denmark and the UK, has extensive insider knowledge of recruitment processes and has initiated procedural change to staff recruitment process and assessment protocol in DK. Living 16 years in Denmark, she has a wealth of experience with Danish work culture, recruitment processes, Scandinavian management practices, operational management experience, business acumen and network, and is an effective communicator and qualified life coach.”


For further advice and guidance on how to optimise your Linkedin profile specifically to you and your industry, Welcome Group Consulting offers employment membership. Together with your employment guidance advisor an action plan is devised, with point by point areas that you need to action. The employment membership includes a 1-hour face to face meeting each month, with email & telephone follow up throughout the month, a CV, cover letter and Linkedin review and so much more! To read more about the employment membership click here.


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Don’t sit around and wait for a recruiter to come knocking, that pretty woman recruitment style went out in the 80’s! If you would like to find employment, then take charge and make it happen!

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