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Student Relocation: 6 Pros And Cons, That Every Student Can Relate To

Studying abroad can be one of the most amazing experiences.  You may have heard it before, from friends that are studying or have studied abroad, from social media, blogs, vlogs and so on. And it’s true. I myself have studied abroad, more specifically in Denmark, Copenhagen, and have lived in 4 different countries. Studying abroad has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. However, as beautiful and exciting as it was, I know the struggle of moving to another country.

Here are 6 pros and cons, that most people experience when they move to Denmark.


  1. Language

  • Danish people have a really good knowledge of English, no matter their age. That means, you won´t have troubles getting around in the city, restaurants, school or anywhere you go in the city. It is very convenient, especially if you are a tourist in Denmark,
  • Even though it’s convenient, it might make it harder when you want to learn the language. When you try to use your not so perfect Danish, you will notice that Danes prefer to switch to English, as it is much easier and faster for them to actually understand you.


  1. Accommodation

  • The struggle is real. Up until now I have lived in 4 countries. Within those 4 countries I moved around 15 times! From my experience, I can say, that Denmark, more precisely Copenhagen, has been the most difficult city to find accommodation in. It took me 2 years and I moved 5 times before I found a really good place. I was also lucky, that I found an amazing dormitory where I felt at home, for more then 3 years. For some people it takes less time, don’t worry, but be prepared for some real challenges while searching for a place to live.


  1. Jobs

  • Let’s be real when we first arrive to a country, for the first time as students, we cannot be very picky when it comes to student jobs. I call them survival jobs and the good news is, there are places such as hotels, cafe, kitchen’s, where English is enough. You won`t have so many options like in an English speaking country, unless your lucky or you know people, it can be quite the challenge to find a survival job while studying.
  • The good part is that, no matter what survival job you have, salaries in Denmark are quite similar. If you work in housekeeping or if you have a better position and work at a coffee shop. That means you will have enough money to pay your bills, food and enjoy your social life in Denmark.


  1. Weather

  • Forget about the hot days of summer you were used to (unless you come from the Nordic countries or the Arctic), summer in Denmark usually gets around +15 degrees,  and if you are lucky it’s +20. Of course, there are exceptions like the summer of 2018, when people stopped complaining about how cold was in Denmark and started complaining about how hot was! The temperature has reached over 30 degrees more than a few times, which is very unusual.
  • A con for some, but not me. I love Danish winter, because it´s more like a cold autumn and if you are like me and don’t really like a cold winter, you will like the Danish one.


  1. Danish Friends

  • You come for studies, so making international friends won`t be a struggle, since you will be in your class with people from different countries and everybody goes through the same things as you do.
  • Making Danish friends however is quite different. Most of my international friends in Denmark have only one Danish friend or none.
  • I was lucky, because I lived in a dorm where 90% of the people there were Danish and I gained amazing friends. Making Danish friends is not a mission impossible, but you will see its harder then becoming friends with people from other countries. Once they get to know you, you will see how fun and open minded they are, so put in the effort.


  1. Integration

  • Your life will change a lot while living in Denmark, but don’t worry, it will change for the better. You will become more open, less frightened, not afraid to speak your mind, you will become a person that will be able to take on any challenge.
  • While studying in Denmark you will noice the different lifestyle. Its quite amazing if you ask me. They are a really open society. Even though me and my international friends, come from different cultures, we all noticed the same difference in Denmark.
  • All in one, integration will be hard, will take time, but it’s well worth it!


I hope this helped a little with your decision to come and study in Denmark and please feel free to tell me if you have had other good or bad experiences.

About Christiana

Christiana had a BA degree from her home country and came to Denmark to study Service management, hospitality and tourism and Sports management in Copenhagen. She’s lived in Japan, and now lives in London, UK.


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