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The Challenges; Accompanying Partner

Retention of Talent

Attracting and keeping highly qualified foreign employees in is key to the success of Danish companies, yet a recent survey from Danish Industries revealed that Danish companies have a huge challenge convincing these employees to stay in Denmark long-term.

The Challenges Every Accompanying Partner Face

One of the main reasons is that accompanying partners, who are often themselves highly educated, don’t feel at home in Denmark. They have often left good jobs and careers to join their spouses in Denmark. But have left behind personal and professional networks and are now confronted with a completely different day-to-day existence, a new language and different cultural norms and values, not to mention unwritten rules which can be difficult to understand and follow. Furthermore, the lack of Danish language skills can result in a barrier to building social relationships or breaking into the Danish job market.

This often leads to a feeling of isolation, insecurity and stress, which influences the person’s mood and self-esteem.  It can have a negative effect on the entire family’s welfare and in many cases leads to the family’s premature departure from Denmark. It does not have to be this way!

A Window of Opportunity

Straddling two cultures can be a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional development.  One can use one’s strengths and skills in new ways: to meet new people, explore new careers, discover a new culture, and of course, learn a new language.

At Welcome Group Consulting, we have 17 years’ experience teaching Danish culture, and we have seen how being an accompanying partner can be a lonely affair. Therefore, we now offer a targeted program, Fast Track to Your Next Job Course, which combines culture and career coaching. The career coaching, which takes place partly in small groups and partly individually, ensures that you will increase your probability of getting a satisfying job in Denmark, whilst cultural development will help build a nourishing social network and a solid professional foundation in Denmark.

Research shows that an employee whose partner has found a job will have a much greater probability of remaining in Denmark after 5 years.


As part of Fast Track, Welcome Group Consulting arranges special monthly Employability Events. The goal of the Events is to strengthen social relationships. These events take place either at the WGC offices or at one of the major cultural institutions we partner with to bring you these events.

The next course starts on:

Monday 13th January, click HERE to register


Welcome Group Consulting was founded by Karey-Anne who recognised the challenges expatriates experienced in settling into a new country dominated by unspoken rules. Welcome Group Consulting is a full-service relocation company founded to address not only the practicalities of relocating but also the issues related to Integration, that often occur after the physical move. Our mission is to change the way we integrate and raise the quality of life, one person at a time. We proudly support sports and networking events designed to help establish links to the local community.

Want help relocating, finding accommodation or a job in Denmark? Welcome Group Consulting offers Assistance for English speakers. Click HERE for more details.

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