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Renting Out Your Property

Why is it so hard to rent out your apartment?

The rental market in Copenhagen has been going nowhere but up for the last many years and the reason is simple; the demand for rental apartments in Copenhagen is rising – more and more people are coming to study or work. This means that it can be very hard to find the right tenant, because there is so many takers.


It’s all about trust

This is your apartment, your home, that you are opening up to strangers. You simply need to trust the people you are letting in. It is very hard to figure out whom you can trust and whom you can’t, especially because there are so many to choose from. And you are right to be insecure; because we see a tendency of people pretending they are something they’re not.


Fake applications

Believe it or not, we see it more and more often; fake applications. I can’t even begin to count the times I’ve showed an apartment to someone who specifically wrote that they did not have pets, and when all comes to all, they have dogs or cats that they want to bring to the apartment. What is also common is people pretending they are going to live there alone, and when the contract has to be signed, there is suddenly a friend moving in with them. Furthermore, I’ve been witness to someone pretending they’re working for a big, successful company and when they come to see the apartment they are young students without a job.


How can you prevent finding the wrong tenant?

Well, the answer is actually quite simple – do your research properly! It sounds easy, but check out all you can about the tenant before you sign the contract. All social media portals; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. are great ways to find out information about people, that they may want to hide when making an application.


We are willing to help

Home Connector founded in 2008, has helped numerous landlords to connect with the right tenant. They do the research and the boring groundwork for you, and furthermore, the contract and the move-in reports, so the rental period will both begin and end well.

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