Relocation Packages

The purpose of Welcome Group Consultant Services is to provide personalised services to both the employing company and the expatriate family.

We pride ourselves on offering customer care, not only during the settling-in phase, but also throughout the entire period of expatriation.

Our Relocation Team will support you throughout the entire process, always on hand to answer any queries that may arise.

Our Relocation Experts will work with you, your employee or HR department, to assess your housing and location needs, noting any preferences or special requests. Using an extensive network of accommodation specialists the Relocation Team will narrow down the search and select suitable properties and provide an accommodation overview.

After we’ve successfully located your new home and you have moved in, our Relocation Expert, hand delivers a customised local guide covering everything from what to do in an emergency, local area details, and further details tailored to your needs, interests and hobbies.

This is the final stage of our relocation process and our Relocation Experts chance to make sure you are settled in well and everything is going well. Through follow up meetings we tailor solutions to you and your families needs.

Relocation Package

The Expat Package is Welcome Group Consulting’s solution for professionals and diplomats who are relocating

Accommodation Package

Covering all the necessary elements of your relocation to Denmark, including preparation, search for your home (including viewings), explanation of your contract and a guide to your new area

Student Package

This package incorporates the full home search service adapted to cater to students and those looking for rooms or shared housing

Friendly Professional Staff

With our expertise we will guide you through the red tape quickly and efficiently.
Utilising a vast network, resources and years of knowledge we can make your move to Denmark easy, leaving you to relax and soak up everything your new home country has to offer.

Exceptional Service

Our years of experience within the relocation industry has created a perfect blend of friendly professionalism delivering an exceptional unrivaled service.

Attention To Detail

Even the smallest of tasks are given the upmost attention.
We strive not only to deliver exceptional customer service, but to exceed your expectations!