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Prone To Stress And Low Energy?

Warning:   Please, Read The Manual Before Use – This Model Is Prone To Stress And Low Energy If Operated Incorrectly

I’ve always thought it was really weird when people say “there’s no manual for life” or “No manual for parenting”.
There are, there are loads.

Have a look on Amazon, hundreds of manuals on pretty much any subject you can think of. Almost everyone wants to tell us how to live a better life by doing it their way.
The disconnect is that humans aren’t like washing machines.  We each have different values, beliefs, and experiences. We each have different priorities, responsibilities, challenges, pleasures and passions.  We are all very different.

Any manual that could help us better operate our mind and body needs to be highly personalised. The good news is that although we each have very different software we each share the same hardware.

We have senses, thoughts, emotions, a body, a brain and a nervous system and each of these things total up to make the sum of our current experience of the world.If we are suffering from stress the reasons can be found, if we are suffer low energy or physical pain, all of the clues are there.

In fact the feelings behind stress, pain or low energy are all simply feedback from the brain saying this.”Given your current systems and strategies this is the best you can feel and survive at the same time. “Or put another way. “Stop doing it like that”. If it wasn’t clear, I help business leaders and top performers to optimise their physical and mental performance.

I do this by using neuroscience tools and assessments to help them to build better systems and strategies that work for them based on what the brain is tell us it needs.

I do this from my private 1-2-1 studio in Hellerup.  I am currently offering just 9 FREE Neuro-body sessions.  If you are committed to transforming your health or physical performance and would like to know what your brain and nervous system is telling you it needs then send me an email to with the reference Neuro-body and a small note telling me why you would like one of the free spaces

Start to create your own manual today:

Write down 5 things you loved in each decade of your life.  Think play, obsessions, learning, creativity, physical activity.

Now extract information:

Do you re-charge from being alone or with others?
What physical skill would you love to learn?
What would you love to learn about?
What type of play would you love to re-introduce into your life?
How do you enjoy expressing yourself creatively?

Now, in however small a way start the process of introducing these things to your life. Brain health and physical health are achieved through stimulation and excitation of the senses through growth and novelty.  Start this process now and you’ll never look back.

Ed is the owner of absolute health, Hellerup. A British expat, he arrived in Denmark in 2018 with his wife and family. Ed is available for private sessions by appointment. To make a booking please email Ed at 

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