WGC 24/7 Hotline

WGC 24/7 Hotline


Have a question, but don’t know who to ask?

Get answers to any and all of your questions. Whether you are unsure about where to find a trustable handyman, need the Tax Office’s phone number, or just looking for a cool international bar with your friends, our Personal Relocation Experts can help with any query.

WGC 24/7 Hotline

Get access to an exclusive WGC 24/7  hotline to receive help from one of our Personal Relocation Experts whenever you need or find it convenient.

Bridging the Gap Between Employee and Employer

It can often be difficult for an employee to ask questions of a personal matter or those concerning a family member. Welcome Group Consulting is here to bridge the gap between employer and employee, creating trust by sourcing information and helpful guidance on matters that will support your employee and their family.

No question is a silly question

We don’t believe any question can be silly, and therefore invite our customers to use us for matters that you as an employer would otherwise deem as a trivial matter. However for those asking the question, the answer you give could be of great importance. We take care of enquiries relating to:

  • How to get from A to B, using transport
  • Being lost – that happens more than you think with new arrivals!
  • Where to buy certain products
  • Cultural questions, such as what to take to a dinner party
  • How to find an English speaking doctor / specialist

Its Good for Business 

Our WGC 24/7 Hotline is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and can, as the name suggests be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week leaving your HR responsible or Administrative Manager free to concentrate on their duties. We take care of you or your employee, leaving your other staff members free to concentrate solely on their own workload without having the added stress of being responsible for another staff member out of working hours.



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