Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance


Tax Assistance Services

Denmark’s tax system and high taxes are a headache for many, but it is not impossible to navigate, especially with the help of our finance and tax expert, that can help to:

• Show you how to check and take control of your Forskudsopgørelse – Preliminary tax report
• Go through the most important terms in tax reports (“fradrag”, “skatteprocent” etc.)
• Explain basic principles behind taxation of personal income in Denmark

Clarity of Financial Systems

Would you like to buy a property in Denmark and want to be sure to choose the right loan?
You have a nice salary, but do not have enough money to travel or to save money for the future?
You are thinking about starting your own business, and want be ready, by saving for the initial capital?

Our Financial Expert can help with these financial issues and more.

Independent Advice

Our finance and tax expert works independently and will not advise the use of specific products or services. Instead our Financial Expert will guide you through your options and present the options to you.

Take Control

Take control of your personal finances in Denmark!  Our financial specialist may assist you with the complicated tax, savings and loan systems with ease, clarity and independence.



1,000 DKK