HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing


What is HR Outsourcing?

Welcome Group Consulting blends our consultants’ expertise with the best minds in the industry to provide the most cost effective, time efficient Relocation and Global Mobility solutions tailored specifically to you. We also realize that businesses sometimes do not have the resources to cover the HR requirements of a relocation, or simply make better use of them elsewhere.

As a solution, we created the HR Oursourcing Service, taking the responsibility, challenges and difficulties from your business and providing the manpower and professionalism to cover HR tasks in connection with Relocating your employees or business. This means that you can maintain your operations without any changes, overhead costs and complications during relocation.

Our HR Outsourcing service also includes Recruitment Support, HR Support and Coaching and mentoring.

Personalised Service

As an agile company, Welcome Group Consulting understands that each business case is different, without one general solution. As several other services offered by us, HR Outsourcing is personalised and comes with free of charge consulting and counselling to tailor our services preciesly to your need.

Benefits for your company

  • Assistance in adapting to the modern Human Resource solutions
  • Able to focus on your existing operations while Welcome Group Consulting takes care of every issue in connection of Relocation
  • Get access to highly educated professional staff who will bring new approaches and modern solutions to your company
  • Our international staff will help your company to develop cross-cultural qualities
  • Staff with strict CSR standards will have a positive impact on your business and brand
  • Proven track record of increased productivity rates and employee retention
  • People focused approach

What is HR’s importance in the modern world?

Technology is progressing in an incredibly quick pace. The more we discover, the faster we seem to advance. Individuals are adapting to these innovations smoothly, but organisations tend to be slower and less flexible, missing opportunities to grow, develop and profit.

Industrial age policies and company structures are still a trend in numerous businesses and institutes, even though they are long outdated. Income inequality, trade issues, unemployment, immigration and other public policies are even more sluggish in terms of improvement. These problems are connected and are the reason behind HR having a significant role and importance in an organization, by providing assistance adapting to the changes, helping to align the new technological and societal advancements and guiding people in adjusting to the new work environment and work models.

Friendly Professional Staff

With our expertise we will guide you through the red tape quickly and efficiently.

Utilising a vast network, resources and years of knowledge we can make your move to Denmark easy, leaving you to relax and soak up everything your new home country has to offer.

Exceptional Service

Our years of experience within the relocation industry has created a perfect blend of freindly professionalism delivering an exceptional unrivaled service.

Attention To Detail

Even the smallest of tasks are given the upmost attention.

We strive not only to deliver exceptional customer service, but to exceed your expectations!

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