Connection Service

Connection Service


Moving abroad is always a serious decision to make. It is exciting, life-changing, inspiring, but also difficult and stressful. We are here to make it easier for you.

It is always the first year after arrival that is the hardest. You have nobody to turn to with your issues and questions and face countless problems due to not speaking the language, from trivialities like paying a bill to complicated situations like misunderstanding – or simply not understanding a rule.

We also understand the hardships that comes with moving abroad without any network and inside knowledge of the country. This is where we seek to help with our Connection Service.

Connection Service is one of our most flexible services available. We will be your guides both literally and figuratively, giving you directions to find your way from A to B both in the city, and in the Danish culture and society. We will answer any questions you have, any day at any time with our WGC Telephone Concierge Service included as an additional service for free, and be a steady contact for you and your family in the city.

Some of the things you can use this package for:

  • Source of general information and guidance
  • Cultural information
  • Get matched with trustworthy professionals for whatever service you need from WGC’s extensive network of partners and approved specialists
  • Troubleshooting
  • Family and parent contact point
  • The beginning of your networking in Denmark

4,899 DKK

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