Childcare Assistance

Childcare Assistance


Let our experienced experts locate the right school or childcare solution for your family

Relocating is so much more than just the physical move. Your children have also relocated and need to feel settled and embraced in their new surroundings.

Finding a nursery, school or university to continue your child’s education is an important decision. We help by presenting your options in a language you understand.

Increase your chances of being offered a place at an International School or Nursery

Here at Welcome Group Consulting our team of experienced Relocation Specialists, help assist finding the solution that suits you and your family.

Using our extensive network of childcare providers and with years of experience and practical hands on knowledge of the childcare industry in Denmark, our specialists help you find the solution that is right for your family.

  • While you are still in your home country the process begins with a one-hour consultation to assess your families requirements
  • Our Relocation Team will support you throughout the entire process, always on hand to answer any queries that may arise
  • Using our extensive network of childcare providers, your Relocation Expert will narrow down the search and select suitable solutions and present them to you
  • Our Relocation Team can help with locating a nanny, babysitter, childminder, nursery, school, high school, university, after school club and summer school
  • Receive access to an online community that posts tips, reviews and other helpful resources for English speaking childcare in Denmark

Welcome Group Consulting is not bound by any franchise and does not receive renumeration from any of our many childcare partners, meaning that we are 100% independent and working solely for you and your family, with your best interests in mind

2,750 DKK