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Private Doctor Denmark
We pride ourselves at Welcome Group Consulting, in continually sourcing services that meet the wishes of the international community. As we are in the flu season and viruses galore, the need for support from the healthcare system in Denmark is even greater and is made especially hard, if you are not familiar with the Danish healthcare system.

We therefore contacted Private Doctor to chat with them about what they offer and how it may help the International community in Denmark.

They have launched a service that guarantees a quick response and helps you on your way to a speedy recovery. It provides access to the Private Doctor Medical Line all year round – (with direct telephone access to a specialist in general medicine),  plus Private Doctor Home Consultations.

WGC (Welcome Group Consulting) chatted with Founder, Tue Christoffersen to hear more about it.




1. When was Private Doctor founded? And why?

The Private Doctor was founded in 2007 by two Danish doctors, including myself (Tue Christoffersen), as a supplement to the primary public health care system. From the very start, the private doctor has offered patients the opportunity to receive high-quality medical attention in the comfort of the workplace, at home, in the summer house or in a hotel – and at a time that fits the patient.


2. What sort of cases do you deal with?

From the medical point of view, The Private Doctor is able to handle all kinds of medical issues. To ensure the highest level of diagnostic certainty, our doctors are able to perform any kind of blood sampling with results ready within minutes or hours (depending on the kind of analysis needed), either at the bedside or in the laboratory plus microbiological analyses. Further, we always bring the most common types of medication to prevent the need for pharmacy visits for most cases.



3. Is your service only for families?

Our service is for everybody in need of a doctor. The Private Doctor has extensive experience within both adult and paediatric care and is able to handle diagnosis and treatment at the bedside.  In some cases, acute admission to public hospital is needed, for others a visit to a specialists consultation may be needed.


4. What service(s) do you provide?

We provide a Private Doctor Medical Line  Where the patient has direct telephone access to medical specialists without waiting, between the hours of 07:00-24:00, 365 days a year.

We also have our Private Doctor Home Consultation’s, and we are the only provider that offers Private Doctor medical visits between the hours of 07:00-24:00, 365 days a year in Denmark. We serve the entire Greater Copenhagen region and aim to be at your address within 90 minutes.

Read more and sign up for services provided by The Private Doctor by clicking HERE.


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