Our mission

Integration, Relocation, and Human Resource Outsourcing
Our mission is simple.

To provide support every step of the way, with Relocation & Integration Services, People Focused Business Solutions and Human Resource Outsourcing.

A full service relocation company like no other.

Welcome Group Consulting was founded to address not only the practicalities of relocating, but also the issues related with integration, that often occur after the physical move. Study, Work Place and Organisational Relocation and Integration and Human Resource Support, with a focus on Stress Relief, Network and Well Being.

We are with you every step of the way.

At Welcome Group Consulting we blend our consultants expertise with the best minds in the industry to provide the most cost effective, time efficient solution tailored specifically to you. A unique supplier of Relocation and Integration services with expertise in Human Resource Outsourcing, offering clients holistic, integrated services with them in focus.