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New Year – New You

New Year – New You!

The year 2018 is nearly at a close and whilst thinking about what this year has brought, perhaps you’re already thinking about what the year to come will bring.

Setting New Year’s resolution’s and thinking about what you would like to achieve is the norm, however when living in a new country and the task of everyday living is a task itself, then making lists of what you’d like to achieve over ‘not getting lost’ and ‘being able to make a meal without googling the translation for ingredient substitute’ probably tops the list!

The Good Housewife

I know from experience how hard it can be to stay at home, to speak with family and wish they were just around the corner, as they once were. The highlight of my day was shopping daily, then preparing a meal – I felt like a cut-out from the Good Housewives magazine in the 60’s (if only I could make a good soup)!

The Daily Struggle

There’s no denying that relocating to a new country has its challenges, but staying strong and believing in yourself is key to getting through it. I’ve lived in four countries and traveled to a little over 150 in my 39 years, but settling in Denmark was a shock even to this world traveler, which is why I founded Welcome Group Consulting.

Problems with understanding the language, finding my own circle of friends that weren’t my husband’s friends or within his network, landing a job I felt was not below me and my previous experience and after a few months, the simplest of tasks like leaving the house almost got the better of me.

The Answer

Of course its different for everyone, but for me, the breakthrough came when at a language school, I found myself in a class surrounded by other internationals that were also accompanying a wife or husband. I’d been in Denmark for 3 months, but sitting having a coffee with my new found friends that understood my daily struggle, that smiled when I spoke of getting lost again, who exchanged ingredient substitutes and made me smile for the first time in months made me feel ‘at home’ again.

Kindred Spirits

My new found friends, a lawyer from Paris, a Manhatten fashionista, a Brazilian marketer, Romanian business student determined to succeed, a British man we affectionately called Dr. Phil (in part due to his lovely calm nature) and a New Zealander that only drank champagne, we bonded in a way that is indescribable. We cried and laughed together. We attended each others special days and supported each other in a way that only someone that is experiencing exactly the same as you can.

The Breakthrough

Many years have passed since those happy days sat in a dark cafe drinking coffee and exchanging tales of hardship, trouble, and achievement. We supported one another in a way that I am still even now unable to convey. Losing myself in the tales of my friend’s lives kept me sane. Helping them move house, find employment, navigate troubles in their relationships and also to receive help – recipes from the Brazilain master cook or fashion tips on heels from the Manhatten girl.

Our bond is so strong that it has lasted over 15 years. Not all of us are still in Denmark, not all still married, but we keep in touch and support one another still to this day.

The List of Needs

There are (in my opinion) a few things needed when living in a new country in order to feel grounded. Irrespective of whether you intend to stay or not (I never intended to stay whilst working as a diplomat in Turkey), but having patience with yourself, accepting that this is now your reality and making the best of it whilst acknowledging that it is ok to struggle, is key.

Here’s my list of what helped me and my recommendation’s of how you can help yourself:

  • Learn the language
  • Find ‘your people’
  • Go after the job you know you deserve, not the one you think you’ll get

The Solution

I founded Welcome Group Consulting, as the alternative was something very different. Companies that focused on profit, not the people it claimed to serve. Welcome Group Consulting is a full-service relocation & integration company that focuses on the individual.

Because of my struggles, I have gathered the best consultants in the field to make sure that no-one needs experience the struggles that I and my friends did. That is also why when Studieskolen approached Welcome Group Consulting to introduce the new range of accompanying spouse courses I felt compelled to support.

The Partnership

Studieskolen and Welcome Group Consulting now proudly serve the international community with a range service’s designed to address not just language, but also cultural understanding, plus help with finding ‘your people’ – those that are in a similar situation and, should you wish it, will also support you toward finding employment.

New Year – New You!

Join us – on January 7th, 2019, for the Studieskolen Spouse Connect course start. For those lucky enough to be a part of it (there is limited space for only 8 per course), then a welcoming environment shared by others in a similar situation awaits.

Studieskolen, with over 40 years experience of teaching language, has now devised a course that offers language and culture, networking events and career coaching, and Welcome Group Consulting is proud to support them. With a focus on culture and language (yet still attaining an A1 equivalent qualification), understanding the ‘why’ is almost as important as understanding the words spoken.

Naturally, you will meet others in the same situation as yourself. Perhaps new to Denmark, perhaps not. But all will have atleast some things in common – an underlying feeling of not quite belonging and desire to help others.

Join Us!

I have been there myself and that is maybe also why I am cardinal in collecting the best in the branch, offering the best of the best to those that are new to Denmark. Studieskolen gets my vote and I’d love you join, not for me, but for yourself and knowing what you will get out of it.

We have a new course starting on Monday 7th January 2019. Click HERE to sign up or feel free to contact us HERE, should you have any questions about the course.


Welcome Group Consulting was founded by Karey-Anne who recognised the challenges expatriates experienced in settling into a new country dominated by unspoken rules. Welcome Group Consulting is a full-service relocation company founded to address not only the practicalities of relocating but also the issues related to Integration, that often occur after the physical move. Our mission is to change the way we integrate and raise the quality of life, one person at a time. We proudly support sports and networking events designed to help establish links to the local community.

Want help relocating, finding accommodation or a job in Denmark? Welcome Group Consulting offers Assistance for English speakers. Click HERE for more details.

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