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Mini Treasure Hunt

Mini Treasure Hunt – Event

Here at Welcome Group Consulting we support our local community by arranging events, that not only unite people, but actively showcase this beautiful country.

On Sunday 8th July, we invited people to participate in our Mini Treasure Hunt. Groups of four people were formed and the game play rules and clues were handed out. And off they went!



Event Day Photo’s

The teams had to solve the riddle to reveal the location they should find. The whole team then had to walk to that location and take a picture proving that the entire team was present.

The pictures were then uploaded to Instagram. To see all the photos of the days event click HERE 


The Winners & Runners Up

Prizes were awarded for first team to complete, most creative picture and for the picture that received most likes on Instagram.

Thank you to all that participated in the days event!


Join us at our next event, for the opportunity to meet others and get to know Denmark.

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