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Mental Health; Job Seeking Expats

Living abroad as an expatriate can be very rewarding and exciting for an expatriate and his or her family members. However, many expatriates often face culture shock, homesickness and social isolation. Imagine then if you would, the difficulties faced by expat job seekers.

Many expatriates and their family members can be faced with mental illness – including stress, depression and anxiety. There is often a lack of support for expats, and it can be more challenging to cope with living in a new country and culture. Being away from your normal social circle is particularly difficult in cases of depression many expats and their family members probably suffer in silence.

That is why The Welcome Group has founded, English Job Denmark. There, they have created a platform for expats to interact with one another and to receive free employment guidance and support from the EJD team of expat professionals. They also post daily English speaking vacancies throughout Denmark.

Acknowledging the staggering issues faced by talented expats in Denmark, the EJD team has created a podcast to help guide and support internationals into employment in Denmark. Here we share the second podcast where the team discuss mental health and what you can do to keep yourself sane as an international job seeker!



Mental health is now in the news again because of Robin William’s suicide and William & Harry of the British Royal family and their charity work and support towards raising mental health awareness. It is vital that all those who suffer from mental illness not suffer in silence and seek support and guidance.

If you would like help, then please reach out. You are not alone and do not have to suffer in silence. The team at English Job Denmark will respond to every email, message or call, so please get in touch.


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  1. I have just been signed off as sick by the Roskilde Job Center due to stress. I am also (probably) on the autism spectrum. My previous job contact have dried-up and I am tied to the commuting area of Roskilde/Copenhagen when looking for jobs due to family concerns. I have over 25 years work experience as a technical writer/technical documentation creator, and I hold both a BA and MSc – but no way into companies. I can read most Danish but I am out of practice speaking due to both the area of work and lack of daily exposure.

    1. Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like you need to build connections and network, and to potentially go after unsolicited. I know you are an active member on English Job Denmark, and we value your input and ability to help others greatly. We will be sure to keep you in mind and help you connect when the opportunity presents itself. We have our last Employment Workshop for 2019 on 10 December and would love you to join us (our way of saying thank you).
      If you would like more information and support then write to us directly and we will be happy to see if we can help or guide you further.
      The team at The Welcome Group

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