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How To Find An Apartment & Avoid Scams

The rental market generally, especially in Copenhagen, is booming and it keeps getting even crazier. There are hundreds and hundreds of tenants trying to sign the contract on the same apartment, which is why finding an apartment is getting harder each day. Here our top 3 tips on how to improve your chances of finding the right place for you.


1. Be sure that the portal you’re using is legit  

There are many different property portals from where you can search an apartment. The issue is, that it’s only a small amount of these are actually legit. We see portals charging you up to 300 DKK per month for a subscription where they will link you to free websites (e.g. DBA). Be sure that the portal you’re using is legit so you don’t end up spending an amount of money on portals that will not get you an apartment.


2. Have a good application 

We say that your apartment application should be similar to a job application. In a job application you would never just write “I’m interested in this job”. Same way you should never just contact a landlord saying “I’m interested”. This way your application will be looked over, as it does not say anything about you as a person. Renting out your home to a stranger is all about trust, so make sure to tell the landlord about yourself, e.g. age, origin, pets/no pets, smoker/non-smoker etc. The two things all landlords appreciate the most is: that you are able to pay and that you take care of the apartment.


3. Get help from an agency

The rental market is one big jungle, so the most important advice we have is; get help from a professional! An agency will help you figuring out the market, finding the right apartment and, the most importantly, avoid scams. You will be sure that the apartment is right for you and that you will not get tricked into paying too much deposit or signing something which is a disadvantage for you.

Working with a property agent reduces the above risks and puts you in touch with those able to make the decisions. Of course we make sure you are the right tenant for the property, but we also make sure you get the right landlord!

We work to build relationships with our property owners and renters. Not all companies focus on you as a renter, so be careful!


Home Connector founded in 2008, has helped numerous landlords to connect with the right tenant. They do the research and the boring groundwork for you, and furthermore, the contract and the move-in reports, so the rental period will both begin and end well.

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  1. hi. we are couple looking for apartment to rent in the middle of August for 6 month. CPR include. 7000-8000 kr we can pay for rent per month

    1. Hi Aleksei,

      Thanks for getting in touch!
      Your budget for the Copenhagen region is limited, as prices are especially high in Copenhagen.
      We do however locate properties that suit individual budget and considerations when purchasing of one of our accommodation packages.
      Check out the different options available to you HERE

      Please feel free to contact us again, should you have any questions.
      Good luck with your impending relocation to Denmark!

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