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Holiday for your pet?

One of the biggest challenges in having a pet while being an expat living in Denmark arises once you want to go on holiday or visit your own country. What to do with your beloved cat or dog, which hates travelling on a plane or gets stressed when changing surroundings?

The first thing that people think of as a solution is a kennel, which is kind of a dog and cat hotel. Unfortunately, it’s not an ideal solution for every pet, especially one which has behavioural issues, doesn’t like to be around other dogs or cats or which simply prefers its own bed, house and familiar smells.


There is an alternative which will make travelling much less stressful for you and your pet. It’s called Overnight Stays and while it’s not a novel in the U.S. for example, it’s still gaining popularity in Denmark. It’s benefits attract expats who decide to choose this premium service over a regular kennel facility.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

First of all, this service is based on an individual approach to a pet. It means that a pet sitter who performs the job, lives in your apartment or house for as long as you’re away and tries to follow your dog’s or cat’s normal routine so it stays as unchanged as possible. This way you can be sure that your furry one doesn’t get stressed by being relocated to an unknown place with strange smells and noise of meowing cats or barking dogs, as well as exposed to disease. Furthermore, if your dog or cat is use to sleeping in a bed with you, that’s just what it will do, with the person who’s taking care of it.



Of course, it might feel a little weird to let a strange person into your home to live with your pet, but if you use a service of a registered pet sitting company, it will give you that piece of mind which you need. Such companies always offer insurance in case something gets broken while you’re not there, as well as have employees who are experienced in offering this kind of service. They also have criminal background checks and are use to working with animals. You can even receive confirmation of exactly who your pet sitter is and when keys are picked up. It all gives you the feeling of security and instead of worrying while being on your holiday, you can just enjoy the updates that your pet sitter will send (daily if requested). A free meeting when you can all get to know each other is also provided as well.

This service sounds almost too good to be true, but it exists and is available now.

Studio High Paw!  was founded by Zuzanna, expat and qualified animal behaviouralist. With her insight into pet behaviour and understanding of expat life she has great insight into how to make your furry friend feel at home.

To book a per sitter click HERE. You can find out more about Studio High Paw! here.
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