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The Importance Of Finding Your Tribe: Parenting As An Expat In Denmark

It is true, it takes a tribe to raise a child. New parents experience for the first time the challenge of those first days with their babies they need to search for all manner of help. In most cases, close family and friends come to help and offer advice.

What happens when you are an Expat, living thousand miles away from home and trying every day to accommodate your new life on your own? When paying flight tickets for everyone, including grandma and her great cooking, is not an option. In these moments finding a local tribe as fast as possible becomes as important as buying baby diapers and a crib.

Surrounded by other parents, we can feel more confident, have reasons to get out of the house and integrate ourselves into this new society.


When I was pregnant, I was feeling more alone than ever before. I didn’t understand the language or the system and only had a couple of friends. When my health got affected by winter weather and the normal pregnancy aches, I isolated myself. It was difficult for me to meet other mothers.

A couple of months after my baby was born, I decided to start the project “New Mom Copenhagen”. I invited those few mothers I knew by then and created a space where we could talk and meet. I also decided to become a Doula to offer support for New Parents and created the space to do so. I wish it existed when I was expecting my child, a place where we can find our parenthood tribe.

Now, after a couple of years, I am a certified Doula. My project has grown into a thriving community of New Pregnant Parents and New Parents with babies and toddlers. We meet at least once a month and talk about our challenges. We share advice, we connect and support each other if necessary. This month we are also starting to organise events to learn about different topics of interest, for us Expats.


Our first event is “Nutrition for New Mothers: The importance of staying healthy” where Laurie Richards (The Nutrition Tree), a Nutritional Therapist and Expat Mom from the UK, will talk about the healthy habits and nutritional requirements for new mothers and their babies during the first year. Please join us! Find sign up and for more information click HERE


Lili Boesen is a Postpartum Doula and Family Photographer. She has been living in Copenhagen, Denmark since 2014. She is a Mexican Expat married to a Dane and mom of a very active toddler. Lili offers private workshops, Doula services and basic Breastfeeding support for Pregnant Parents, New Parents, and Mother Groups. She also organises monthly Networking events through her project “New Mom Copenhagen Club” For more information and booking, please visit

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