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Fast Track to Your Next Job in Denmark
We pride ourselves at Welcome Group Consulting, in continually sourcing services that meet the wishes of the international community. Many of the people we come into contact with find it difficult to find employment in Denmark. Whether due to relocation, change in career, returning after maternity leave or simply not knowing where or how to look for work, all face the same question – how to find employment in Denmark?

We therefore interviewed CEO of Welcome Group Consulting, Karey-Anne Duevang, to chat about what is being done to help the International Community in Denmark find employment.

They have launched a fast track to your next job in Denmark course that is designed to give you all the necessary guidance and support to help you into employment fast!

What does the fast track to your next job course offer and how is different from others?

Our fast track to your next job in Denmark course is a culmination of years of working with those new to Denmark, combined with my years of working in management positions, both in the UK and DK and later being the decision maker during the recruitment process here in DK. I understand the common errors expats make and appreciate what is needed in order to appeal to a Danish recruiter, as I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Our course trains you how and where to find an English speaking position in Denmark, and will present a clear, honest approach of Danish work culture, recruitment processes, Scandinavian management practices and how to get along and thrive in a work environment in Denmark. We also cover: creating a stand out CV, optimised cover letter writing and how to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile – all needed to get you ahead. 

Together with my team, including partner Leslea Petersen, (a communications specialist with over 22 years experience), we will help you prepare for every aspect of your employment journey. With varied backgrounds in business, non-profit, and diplomatic arenas, together with the WGC team, we prepare you for the Danish job market in a way only expats that have experienced the hardships can.  

Any new plans in how you can help internationals in their search for employment? What do you think is missing and how can you bridge the gap?

Our new 5-day, fast track to your next job in Denmark course is designed to give an in-depth understanding and practical advice of what is needed to be employed in Denmark. It covers asset identification – how to discover your why! As internationals, we are up against very strong competition in finding a job. Being an English speaker is not enough, we really need to offer the Danish workplace far more. On the course we cover the whole job process, from looking at what hard and soft skills are, identify your assets, finding your ‘why,’ to how to write a good CV/cover letter. We then help each client with presentation skills and interview techniques ensuring that you are able to present yourself confidently and according to social norms in Denmark. 

Aren’t there plenty of other organisations doing this?

Currently the international community rely on International House, Copenhagen, for guidance and support and access to support services for accommodation, recruitment and integration programs and services. However, as amazing as they can be, International House are unable to supply services to meet demand. Firstly, they only provide services for residents of Copenhagen, those from surrounding municipalities such as Frederiksberg, are not entitled to register or use the services, courses or information meetings. Second, the courses provided are over capacity, with employment courses currently booked up until September 2019. We happily work with International House and we are able to meet the demand for the rest of Denmark.


Read more about our ‘Full-time fast track to your next job’ course HERE

Sign up for employment courses provided by Welcome Group Consulting HERE

Don’t sit around and wait for a recruiter to come knocking, that pretty woman recruitment style went out in the 80’s! If you would like to find employment, then take charge and make it happen!

Welcome Group Consulting proudly supports the international community with initiatives towards employment, education and community. To work with us or to receive help with finding employment you can read more on our website here.

Prefer to chat to someone in real life? No problem, we have an Employment Guidance HOTLINE, manned by experienced guidance advisors ready to listen and jump into action. You can book a call by clicking here. 

Want 1:1 help towards achieving your career goals? Then why not consider employment assistance membership. Our membership is designed to give you all the information you need to help you identify your best assets in a way that speaks to Danish employers, we then help you to create a CV and cover letter that incorporates Danish customs and adheres to the unspoken rules. Our membership has been so successful that we can proudly boast a 70% success rate of finding people paid employment within 3 months. Now that is help I wish I’d of had when I arrived!  Read more or become a member by clicking here. 

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  1. I am looking for job in IT company.

    1. Hi Kamal,
      Great to hear from you! Have you seen that our next fast track to your next job in Denmark course starts next week? There we’ll cover everything you need to get you noticed and hired fast.
      We explain every detail of the recruitment process in Denmark and will help to prepare you for employment. This intense course is offered on a part and full-time basis, so you can find the hours that suit your schedule.
      I look very much forward to hopefully meeting you next week.
      To find out more or to sign up click here.

      Best regards,
      The WGC Team

  2. M looking envornment ,health and safety job , quality controller in food manfacturing companies can u healp me please . M tiredof applying job here in Copenhagen.

    1. Hi Khaja,
      Great to hear from you! Unfortunately you are not alone in your search for English speaking employment in Denmark and completely understand your feelings of frustration, as many of our team have been there too.
      There are many unspoken rules that come into play when applying for jobs, that simply don’t exist in other countries. Thats why we have launched our new ‘Fast Track To Your Next Job’ – Course. You can choose between part and full-time hours to fit your schedule. The course will cover all the basics, plus insider tips of what recruiters actually look for and lots of those unspoken rules.

      With a success rate of over 60% finding employment within 3 months – working with us is an investment in your future.
      Read more and sign up here.

      Best Regards,
      The WGC Team

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