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Step by step: Everything you need to know about Relocation

Relocation – the whole truth


Moving to a new country is always exciting, almost as much as working for your dream job in your field of expertise. Sometimes the two collide, which is when we most of the time talk about employee relocation. This blog is going to cover all your questions you might possibly have about the topic while giving you tips that will help you if you are still considering relocation or if you are already on your move to a new country. If you are here looking for a relocation service, rather than just information, feel free to check out our services.

While relocation is much more of a trend in the USA, it is getting more and more widespread in Europe as well. A survey was conducted by in Texas, America, which has asked over 3500 participants, men and women mixed, only 17% of them were actually involved in some way with relocation.

Out of these people however, it became clear that most of them chose to relocate due to better career options and because of salary increasement. For a smaller portion of the people, it is necessary due to having their whole work department relocated, or they are moved to another division within the workplace. Sometimes even the whole business changes location. An even smaller percentage decided to relocate in order to be reunited, or just be closer to their family or spouse. As long as they can agree with the employer and it is beneficial for the business, why not?

There is also a chance that a business is acquired by another, most of the time larger company, which makes relocation possible and sometimes necessary.

It is mostly men within the age of 25-44 that relocate, while about 60% of the businesses offer relocation, mainly larger ones with over 500 employees. Makes sense considering that larger businesses have the budget, and middle-aged employees have the drive to relocate.

What are the biggest challenges?


Of course, moving to a completely different country or state is not just exciting, but very challenging.

  • Finding a home
  • Integrating or just getting used to the community
  • Making friends
  • Continuing and participating in sports
  • Learning the language
  • Locating suitable childcare / schools or universities
  • Finding important services – doctor, utilities, etc…
  • Official paperwork – registration, visa, national ID, work permit etc..

Apart from the above points, it is also important to mention that a lot of people relocating have limited time to move and take care of all the necessary points, before they are expected to start in their new position at work. This short time is often very challenging and can leave an impact on you and your family.

Are you considering relocating?


Relocation can be a fun, exciting, life-changing event in your life that will not only push your career miles ahead, but also develop you character and grant you a lot of personal and interpersonal skills and experience.

You will…

  • Learn a lot about yourself
  • Significantly widen your network and make new friends / acquaintances
  • Challenge and grow your comfort zone
  • Get to know different cultures and customs, which will help you become more open-minded
  • Get paychecks that are usually a lot higher than before your relocation
  • Improve your language skills (unless you moved within the country)
  • Have a great deal of fun

However, it will also be an enormous change in your life and you need to be absolutely sure you will stand firmly by your choice in the future too. For that you need to make sure you are relocating for the right reasons and get the most suitable relocation.

It is imperative that you don’t relocate just because:

  • Your employer suggested it. Sure, it feels great, you are wanted, you are good at what you do, you are moving up in the world, right? Right. You may however regret your decision after a while and realize you are in a city surrounded by a strange culture far from friends and family. Make sure that you are relocating for the right reasons, have thought through the whole process and what relocating entails, and that you are committed to the move.
  • You get a slight payment increase. Chances are that the city or country you are relocating to will be more expensive or you simply find yourself lost and unhappy there. Is the paycheck really worth that?
  • Your girlfriend / boyfriend / significant other. Unless you are in a committed relationship or was planning to move anyway. If things don’t work out between you, you are going to forever regret your decision. Even if it does work out, you may feel unhappy in the new location and your relationship will be strained under the pressure.

What to pay attention to if you are relocating as an employee?

Make sure you ask your employer these questions

… (in order to get the best relocation package)


  • Salary: Will the salary offered, cover the living costs of your destination?
  • Housing / Accommodation: Will they help you with the relocation costs through providing accommodation or compensation for your housing costs? Will they provide home-hunt trips and are you expected to find a private rent or live in hotels?
  • Visas: Will they handle the submission for visas, work permits and other documents? Will they also take care of the paperwork for your spouse?
  • Moving Costs: Will the company help with the moving and storage costs of your personal items, furniture and such? Will they cover the whole moving costs or only transatlantic / in-country movements? Are you eligible for reparation refunds?
  • Transportation Allowance: Do they provide a transport allowance / scheme? Depending on the location it may save you incredible amounts of money.
  • Taxes: Can they help you by providing the help of a professional for your taxes? You may need it to avoid double-taxing and similar issues, especially in the first few months after your move.

Find out the legal requirements of the country of destination


This may seem obvious, but it is important to mention that it’s often difficult to get a permanent residency visa in EU countries if you’re not from Europe. Even with a valid passport, you cannot stay more than three months in Denmark or most European countries. There are however, many opportunities to make moving easier for people with business relocations and / or paid jobs, but you need to make sure you are well-aware of what is expected of you legally, otherwise you may get into trouble during your stay.

This may seem obvious, but it is important to mention that it’s often difficult to get a permanent residency visa in EU countries if you’re not from Europe. Even with a valid passport, you cannot stay more than three months in Denmark or most European countries. There are however, many opportunities to make moving easier for people with business relocations and / or paid jobs, but you need to make sure you are well-aware of what is expected of you legally, otherwise you may get into trouble during your stay.

Make sure you can cover your expenses


As mentioned earlier, you need to make sure that your salary is enough for the country standards. Don’t only think about covering your living costs, but expect some high expenses in your first few months.

Do research to see how much money you will need, considering what relocation package your company has offered and what else you and your family is going to need. Consider travel costs, moving costs, registration fees, and everything else that is included in a relocation.

After you have considered everything, try to meet with a tax professional. In case of relocations due to a new job within your company, most of the relocation costs are tax deductible. Find out as much as you can about the subject, as it will be a real money saver.

Set up your financials and official documents


Some relocation packages offer to take care of these for you, so make sure you are familiar with the package your employer has chosen for you. In case it is not included in your relocation package, make sure you take care of these as soon as possible as it will not only make your stay a hundred times easier, it reduce a lot of stress.

Even if your employer doesn’t offer relocation services, you can still negotiate a good deal with financial or other benefits for yourself and your family making the transition easier. Like:

  • Rental / accommodation guidance / help
  • Job placement assistance for your spouse
  • Tax advice
  • Legal paperwork
  • Organized house hunting trips

Your options will also depend on your company of course, so make sure you are well informed of what your company can help with, what is included in your relocation package and what you are expected to take care of yourself. Or contact us, and we will take care of it for you.

Housing / Rent


Wherever you relocate to, finding the perfect home can be quite the challenge. Never commit to a permanent purchase in a location you don’t know. Get yourself a rental in a neighbourhood that you seem to like and find out what it’s like to live there before buying a permanent home. Our guide about finding accommodation in Copenhagen might help you out, if you are relocating to Denmark.

Choose your moving company well


Most relocations require you to travel across borders, and the farther you travel, the more complicated and in some cases risky (for your belongings and furniture) the move is.

You must consider a lot of scenarios when traveling, like signing your lease to ship your items, protecting fragile items, organize the move itself. An experienced moving team can greatly reduce the amount of problems you have during the move and even after. For example, if you arrive at your destination and have to wait to receive your keys to your new place, most moving companies will offer storage to keep your belongings safe until you can reunite.

Visit your destination before the move


If you have the opportunity to visit, then do. Your future new home awaits and getting a feel of the place before you are in the midst of moving hysteria is usually a good idea. Book a hotel room / rental for a few days or weeks and find out as much about the country and neighborhoods as you can.

Find out how the traffic and public transport is and where are important locations such as malls, grocery stores, local library, banks, the location of your future general care physician, hospitals and anything else you find relevant.

Ask friends and family members to find out if you have any connection in the area. You will be surprised how far your network extends with just a little asking around and that you have friends of friends everywhere abroad. Or not… at least you tried!

What to consider as a Business?


Multiple reviews over the past years have shown the positive effect relocation has on employees and businesses. According to researcher Brynne Herbert, more than 70% of employees want to take part in overseas assignments during their careers, which could include relocation as well. Employees working with the possibility to work abroad show increasing volumes in productivity, engagement and most importantly, loyalty. So from a workforce point of view, offering relocation packages for employees has a positive impact on your business.

Most of the time it is also a reason for companies to celebrate. It means that your business is growing, your brand is getting stronger and you are expanding into new markets strengthening your market presence. However, it can be a stressful, difficult and costly operation, so it is imperative for businesses to choose the right partners for employee relocation. At  Welcome Group Consulting full service employment relocation packages are offered taking care of finding accommodation, locating childcare and registration at international schools, plus airport pick up, local area guided tour, support for the spouse and family – leaving your employee stress free and ready to start on the job in hand.


Relocation will have a lasting impact on your life. In many cases it will be a positive experience, with a lot of exciting new experiences and challenges  and will generally feel like you have moved up in the world. However, it is not always the case. You need to carefully consider each step of your relocation and make sure you consult with, not only your friends and family, but also your employer too. You need to make sure you get all the relocation benefits you can possibly get, that your employer has your back during your move, and that you have chosen the best relocation package.

For both businesses and individuals, the most important part of relocation is choosing the right partners and relocation packages, to have a pleasant experience during your move, and to keep your business’ profit margin as high as possible. Whether you are considering relocation as on an individual or as a business, Welcome Group Consulting’s services can be tailored to meet your needs exactly.

Always make sure you have all information at your disposal before you decide to move, be it your new offices location and neighborhood, the living standards in the destination city, what your relocation package includes and the actual process of your relocation.

Remember that Welcome Group Consulting is only 1 click away. Helping people relocate, find accommodation, settle in and network for over 14 years.

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