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Diet And Exercise; Everything I Ever Needed To Know 

When I Understood This About Diet And Exercise I Understood Everything I Ever Needed To Know 

I’ll admit I was sucked in by it for years.

All these ladies that looked amazing doing high intensity workouts, jumping all over the place and then eating a bit of Riveta and a slice of lettuce. “Find the people who look how you want to and do what they do” They say. “Simple” I thought.

Then faced with the practicality of that after my first daughter was born when all I really wanted to do was sleep and comfort eat I decided there had to be another way.

I spoke to a lot of fitness professionals and diet professionals and a pattern started to emerge. They weren’t all saying the same things!

In fact many completely contradicted each other. It wasn’t that some were right and some wrong either. It was that each and every one of them were in love.

Whole heartedly, unwaveringly, fanatically, head over heels, in love, with how they were doing things. Warts and ALL!



The diets and the exercises weren’t a eureka moment of discovery of a formula for the masses at all. They were the 10,000 hour love child of an expert and designed for that expert. The real magic was a million miles away… is a million miles away from most diets and exercise programmes.

The real magic is in falling in love. You see that is what is required to achieve health and physique transformation, habit. And habits are formed through enjoyment.


This is what I do now, I help mums to slow down and discover a formula that works not just for them but for their families too.

A formula that they can evolve themselves as they slowly become experts in creating the happy and healthy life they always wanted on their terms.

I am actually launching my next 90 day small group course in 2 weeks time for just 10 ladies at my private studio in Hellerup. I work very closely with each lady so I can’t fit more than that in at any one time.

The studio has no reception and is application only. Courses run between 7.00 – 15.00. If you would like to discuss taking part in the programme please email me on

Start creating your happier healthier life for you and your family today with these questions:

  • What small step can I take today that I would love to do that will improve my health?
  • How can I create more joy and freedom around how my family eat?
  • What action could I do today that makes me feel good about myself?

Christina is the owner of Mums Get Fit, Hellerup and has recently returned to live in Denmark with her British husband and two children. Building her success in the UK, with Mums Get Fit, UK. Christina is available for group and private sessions by appointment. To make a booking please email:



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