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Day Trips from Copenhagen by Bike


Getting out and about in Denmark on a Bike

Since we arrived in Denmark, almost two years ago, we have done a lot of day trips, by train, car and bike. Copenhagen is wonderful, but there is also so much to see and explore within an hour or two of the city. There are cute little villages, fabulous beaches, fascinating castles and world class art museums just a bike, car or train ride away. Europe is rather good that way. We could drive for hours in America and still be in the middle of nowhere. Now, within hours, we could be in different country!

This post is going to concentrate on places you can get to on a bike.

We have no car in Denmark, we have bikes, yikes! I must admit that, yes, occasionally, I get a little frustrated. When I am lugging heavy groceries back home, or trying to get somewhere quickly, I question our decision, but generally it is fine. It is really easy to get around the city, parking is tricky and it feels kind of cool to be car-free. We can hire a little electric car for short trips, and a day rental if we want to go further afield. However, for most longer trips we use the excellent Danish transportation system.

On your Bike!

Now that the weather is good, (did I say good, it is spectacular), cycling is a fabulous way to explore outside the city. Cycling feels so liberating, and I suspect is one of the reasons the Danes are so happy. Of course, most residents of Copenhagen are not fair weather cyclists like me. They, and I include my husband in this category, cycle all year round regardless of the weather conditions.

I am starting my list of places to go with spots easily accessible by bike. We have done all these trips recently, although some of the photos are from previous visits. These are my favourite bike rides to date.



Bathing Circle at Amagerstrand

Amagerstrand is just outside of the city in the island of Amager, really not that far by bike. It is Copenhagen’s buzzing beach area. An artificial island, almost three kilometres long, it has  a lovely sandy beach. You can swim (not for the faint hearted), run, windsurf and play ball games or just lie in the sun.  Bring a picnic or eat an ice-cream from one of the many little kiosks along the beach front. You also have great views of the wind farm just off the coast, and can see the new bridge across to Sweden.


Wind Power at Amagerstrand (think I zoomed too much, quality of photo could be better, serves me right for not taking my ‘good’ camera.



Darling Dragør with obligatory bike!

Dragør is one of Denmark’s ‘smukkest’ or loveliest towns.  It is a very achievable 13-14 km from Copenhagen, depending on which route you take. Like Copenhagen, Dragør was a small fishing town. After the reformation, when everyone became Lutheran, the demand for fish fell. No fasting and fish on Fridays any more. Dragør started making its money by offering piloting services to the many ships making their way through the treacherous Sound. There is a lovely harbour to explore and the pilot’s lookout is still there.


Pilot’s Tower at Dragør


It is obligatory to eat ice-cream whenever the sun shines in Denmark. Normally that is not too onerous as sunshine is generally in fairly short supply, but this year is different. Shops are running out of ice-cream, well certain flavors anyway. Luckily the ice-cream shop in Dragør, one of Denmark’s oldest, was fully stocked.


Ice-cream at Dragør

Afterwards, wander through the preserved ‘Gammel By’ or old town and be thankful that Dr Dick saved it from being torn down in the 60s.


Dragør Gammel By

Many of the street are called after the profession of the people who lived there. Baker Street (oh no I feel a song coming on!), is pictured below with the official sign for bakeries in Denmark, the pretzel. Think this one may have a royal warrant as well?


Traditional sign for bakery in Denmark. The sign of the pretzel!

On the way home, walk your bike along the seafront back towards the direction of Copenhagen, and then follow the coastal route home. Not a route that comes up with google maps so you kind of have to wing it and trust the force. It takes you past Amagerstrand!

Frederiksberg Have


English style gardens at Frederiksberg Have

I am not sure this qualifies as a day out, but as Frederiksberg Have is technically outside the city of Copenhagen,I am including it on my list. This bike ride was only about fifteen minutes from our apartment. However, as soon as we turned into Frederiksberg, with it’s wide, tree lined street referred to as the Champs-Élysées of Denmark, we felt we were somewhere completely different.

The park or ‘have’ as it is known in Danish, is in the Romantic English Garden style which might be why I loved it as soon as I walked in. Large areas of the grass are left unmown and are dotted with flowers.

There are sweeping lawns, and you feel that at any moment Darcy might suddenly appear (in his wet shirt?). This is a perfect park to have a picnic, some bread, French brie and pate and a little chilled Chablis. That’s what we did!

Elephants and Dummies!

The park is quite large and if you can muster the energy to go for a walk there are some fun and slightly bizarre things to see.


Dummy or pacifier tree in Fredericksburg Have

This is the Dummy or Pacifier tree. When children are ready to part with their dummies they can take them and hang them in this tree. Apparently it is a Scandinavian tradition, a rite of passage for small children as they leave being a baby behind.

The other surprise in the park is turning a corner and suddenly seeing an elephant’s bottom. Copenhagen Zoo is in the park and the wall in the Elephant enclosure has been taken down to give them a better view. Gives us a better view too.


Elephants in Fredericksberg Have (sorry another slightly grainy picture, but you get the idea

Finally, as you leave the park nip in next door to the Revymuseet’s garden and admire the new statue of Dirch Passer, one of Denmark’s favourite actors and comedians. The sculptor was our very talented friend and super lovely Nanna Brøndum.


Dirch Passer at Revymuseet

Bike Ride round Copenhagen  Harbour

Okay, totally pushing my luck here. My final suggestion is to cycle around the harbour but in my defense part of this bike ride does take you outside the city.  Copenhagen has added many new bridges recently and it is now possible to cycle from the new Kissing Bridge


The Kissing Bridge in Copenhagen

All the way down to Sluseholmen or Little Venice..


Sluseholmen with Amagerfælled in the background.

click here for a map.

There are various routes you can take. I would use the one passing by Amagerfælled to get from Islands Brygge down to Sluseholmen, and go home the same way. Suddenly you are in the country, minutes outside Copenhagen.  There is a little pedestrian bridge where you have to walk the bike at the very end of the trail, so no need to to go on the main road as it suggests on google or the map I gave you click.

Just over the kissing bridge on the Christianhavn side you can stop by the new Bridge Street open air market for a bite to eat. Gasoline Grill, recently rated in the top 27 burgers of the world by Bloomberg has just opened a new location.


Be sure to pass the fabulous new Circle Bridges designed by the Icelandic Architect Olafur Eliasson


My favourite Circle Bridges by Olafur Eliasson

and check out the swan’s nest at the outdoor swimming pool outside Fisketorve.


Outdoor swimming pool at Fisketorve

On the way back, admire the new space built by Blox


Blox in Copenhagen

and the fabulous views into the old town.


Views into Copenhagen from Blox

Part two of this post will really take us out of Copenhagen by train and car.

Happy and safe Cycling!

Written by Carolyn Eddie owner of Carolyns Absolutely Fabulous Events. To book a guided tour or private catering and classes, please visit

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