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Triathlon Info Meeting – Want to become a triathlete?

Our “Triathlon Info Meeting – Want to become a triathlete? ” will be hosted by Welcome Group Consulting in partnership with Tri-Club Denmark and Café Cadeau.

The evening will start with a short presentation followed by a Q&A session, where you can ask questions. Tri-Club Denmark is then on hand to give further advice and guidance about you achieving your goal or simply increasing your network in a fun way.

The presentation is in English, and will be held on Tuesday 16th October from 17.00 to 19.00 at Cafe Cadeau, Frederiksberg,
H. C. Ørsteds Vej 28, 1879 Frederiksberg C.

Come and find out what it takes to become a triathlete. Do I need to buy an expensive bike? Should I be able to swim a certain distance first? Where to buy tri gear. Who to train with and what events to train up to in Denmark and abroad?
Hear about the clubs training. Meet some of its members. Ask questions and see some of the gear.

About the hosts:
Tri-club Denmark, with over 400 members and supporting towards goals of all levels, has classes and training sessions to suit all from the absolute beginner to Kona vet. Voted No.1 in 2016 by Ironman tri club Europe, and produced 11 Kona qualifications that year.

Welcome Group Consulting, is a full-service relocation company founded to address not only the practicalities of relocating but also the issues related to Integration, that often occur after the physical move. Proudly supporting sports and networking events designed to change the way we integrate.

Café Cadeau, a non-profit enterprise, run by Frederiksberg Integration Forening (FIF) and Church Integrations Ministry (KIT). Providing a safe environment to meet, chat and network.

Entrance is free.

To sign up for this free event please click HERE to register for a ticket.

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