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Breastfeeding in Denmark, What You Need to Know & Where to Find Support

Welcome to Denmark, where everyone breastfeeds! Or at least, 97% of moms here start out breastfeeding their babies. By the time babies are six months old, the exclusive breastfeeding rate in Denmark drops to under 10%.  In a land of many family-friendly policies, what happens to make that number plummet so drastically?

The duration of breastfeeding has many factors that come into play. One factor that has hit Denmark pretty hard in the last several years is a cut in the public services that are available around birth. These days, parents and their babies are usually discharged from the hospital within six hours of birth, before breastfeeding is well-established. After that, families are mostly reliant on a few home visits from the health visitors (sundhedsplejersker), who have many tasks to perform in a short visit and who may or may not be well-trained in breastfeeding. Parents are often left feeling high pressure and desire to breastfeed but are without adequate support to get through the challenges they may face, especially in the first few months of nursing a baby.


Several businesses in Copenhagen help fill the void of wrap-around care that new families need to thrive. One of these is Copenhagen Lactation, owned by Sally Parrott. Sally is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)–the healthcare provider for breastfeeding–who moved from the United States to Copenhagen in May of 2018. To become certified in lactation, Sally studied at the University of California, San Diego, and she interned in lactation at a hospital and in a public clinic. Sally says, “There’s only so much a health care provider can offer in 15 or 30 minutes. I moved to private practice because I wanted to be able to offer each client longer appointments for in-depth care that really gets to the root issues.”

Sally sees families prenatally to help them prepare for the best start at breastfeeding, and she sees them postnatally to provide support when they are facing challenges feeding their babies: low milk supply, mastitis, tongue tie, plugged ducts, oversupply, and all sorts of other issues. As one of the biggest factors to families’ breastfeeding success is whether moms have social support, she has also created a free weekly English-language breastfeeding café, where moms have ninety minutes supporting each other as they grow together through early parenthood. All parents who are doing any amount of breastfeeding or pumping are welcome to attend these groups.


Pregnancy and early parenthood are vulnerable times of transition. Sally finds much meaning in her work providing support to families, and especially mothers, in this transition. In the United States, she helped over 400 families with breastfeeding. In Copenhagen, she looks forward to serving many more.

Sally is the founder of Copenhagen Lactation and can be contacted HERE

Breastfeeding Café

Copenhagen Lactation have started a free weekly Breastfeeding Café – Get support from other breastfeeding moms while you also offer support to them. Wherever you are in your breastfeeding journey, however motherhood is treating you this week, join us for the Tuesday morning Breastfeeding Café in a private room at Café Sweet Surrender, A neonatal scale will be available, should you want to weigh your baby. Click HERE to sign up online.



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